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Former Eagles Making It in the UFL

WR Shaheer McBride may finally get his chance to see the field.(
WR Shaheer McBride may finally get his chance to see the field.(

For the many multitudes of our readers who follow the business of the United Football League, a bit of Eagles-related news just surfaced. Earlier today, the UFL website released the rosters for all five of its teams - or, at least what should have been five rosters (apparently the Omaha Nighthawks team consists entirely of Ahman Green). Upon looking through the list of names, you'll find that several former Eagles made the cut. Among them are linebacker Tank Daniels, wide receiver Shaheer McBride, and guard Cameron Stephenson: all of the Hartford Colonials. Former Eagles special teams coach Ted Daisher, who was ousted by this year's signing of Bobby April, also made the Colonials roster as coach of the defensive line.

Interestingly enough, it looks like safety J.R. Reed did not make the cut with the Florida Tuskers, which is a shame because he's a really easy player to root for. He still has coaching as a fallback though, and will likely stick to that. DT Hollis Thomas and OL Shawn Andrews have, for now, opted not to sign with the Omaha Nighthawks, who selected them in the UFL Draft. Thomas has likely chosen to pursue his career in broadcasting instead, while Andrews is still waiting for an NFL team to call. Good luck with that one, Shawn.

While this news may not seem like anything to pay attention to, the looming cloud of a possible NFL lock out could make the above players the closest thing we'll have to the Eagles in 2011. Not a pretty thought, obviously, but you might want to keep some spare cash on hand for a Colonials jersey just in case.