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Ernie Sims Hosts Pit Bull Parade

Last offseason, the Eagles brought in a guy that had a history with dogs... albiet a dubious one. This season they did the same, but Ernie Sims happens to be arguably the biggest dog lover in the NFL. He's such a big fan of dogs that he hosted his own pitbull parade in Florida that drew hundreds of spectators. At the parade, he talked about his love for dogs.Ernie_pitbull_medium

"It's a different kind of love. I mean I've got love for my mom. I've got love for my wife but all those loves are different than the love I have for a animal. It's almost like they're helpless and always so kind and gentle. And they're always so happy to see me, that's what I love about them," said Philadelphia Eagles line backer, Ernie Sims.

Of course, he was also asked about Michael Vick.

"I really want to get on the same page with him to assure the pit bull community that he really is trying to help our breed and what he did is in the past," Sims said.


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