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The Linc - Focus On The Front Seven

Eagles rookie Graham says he'll work hard once he gets to camp | Philadelphia Daily News | 07/10/2010
Better than not working hard obviously...

Eagles blitz production from LBs, DBs | Philly | 07/10/2010
Once again, the Eagles were among the most likely teams to blitz and zone-blitz. However, unlike past years, the Eagles defense wasn’t actually any more efficient when it zone-blitzed or sent extra pass rushers.

Bradley, Sims key to Eagles LB corps - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Philly's defense should get a lift from the return of Stewart Bradley and addition of Ernie Sims.

D-line rankings: 3-4 complicates evaluations - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
The varying roles and responsibilities of upfront defenders in a 3-4 vs. the 4-3 make assessing lines more difficult. - The article refers to Trent Cole as "seemingly not explosive."

Have You Played The New Phillies Taser Game Yet? - Four For Four - SB Nation Philly
The guys at have created a new flash game called "Phillies Assassin: License To Tase" based on the Phillies fan taser incident from earlier this year.