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McNabb: I was loved in Philly

Donovan McNabb sat down with ESPN's Adam Schefter to ya know... talk about what has happened with him... and of course Schefter tried to get McNabb to take a swing at Eagles fan with the typical "don't you think you were unappreciated?" line that all national guys use with him. Of course, Donny Mac was nothing but class.

Admittedly, "I was loved" does sound self aggrandizing.... but I don't really think he was wrong. I've always said that the anti McNabb crowd was a vocal minority that loved to call sports radio and that through the vast majority of his career here he enjoyed huge support from Eagles fans. For a city that supposedly hated the guy, there's a stunning amount of people who would wear his jersey to the Linc on Sundays and cheer wildly when he was introduced.

So I agree with you #5. Even those of us who thought it was time for you to go... I still think we loved ya.