Eagles Memory: South African Savior


Thanks Giving Game 2008 : Eagles 48 - Cardinals 20

Everyone has been to an Eagles game in their lifetime, but that first game as a child (or whatever age you may be) is unforgettable. My first game coincidentally was obviously at the vet in the 700 level, but indeed a cardinals game as well.
My first game is actually not the my most memorable (most cherished) as i would like because well i was a child. I can not produce much imagery in my head from the game, but i can easily give myself goosebumps with what i do remember.

I thought it was the best feeling i had as an Eagles fan until 2008 on Thanks Giving Day. I met up with BGN’s 700 Level who graciously invited me with his extra ticket. This day was not about 700level nor was it about me. This day was about an Eagles fan who traveled over 8,000 miles to watch his very first Eagles game in person. His girlfriend and friend accompanied him as well and equally supported the birds, but it was evident that this was Leon’s big day!

We met in the parking lot where we partook in the consumption of liquid to intensify our viewing pleasures. (No Homo)
Every great feeling you could think of was smashed into to one and elluminating from LeonSA’s face the entire time.
Pretend that you could combine how you felt when:

The first time you actually went home with a girl…
Opening Your Xmas Presents when you were 6 …
Punching your first cowboy fan in the face ( just for you double leg)…
Your first beer , or your first inhale ; ) …

I digress … This was obviously and most probably (awaiting confirmation) one of the greatest moments in his life. My mindset was focused on crushing the Cardinals the entire time we were in the parking lot, but honestly this was just another Eagles game under the belt for me as far as being there in attendance.

But when we started to walk towards the stadium… all those feelings i mentioned above had hit its peak and the intensity and excitement i saw from Leon, i will never forget… You would think the kid was starring at the gates of heaven…

Im not sure i will ever be able to replicate the emotion or situation but at that point and time, I had never been so proud to be an Eagles fan in my life. My pride was high and i mean high, but i felt like i hit a nirvana of Eagles Pride.

Fans like LeonSA are the reason we Bleed Green. Fans like LeonSA prove that we are not just a regular Fan base. It always hurts to take public stings from morons who go to far beyond sportsmanship, but thats what happens when your fan base is so large and so dedicated. The Eagles are my life. I dont Bleed Green on Sundays from Sep to Jan. I Bleed Green 24/7 365.

So in turn i would like to thank you Leon for proving me with the greatest "Eagles Memory" in my life. You are an Eagles Fan through and through and you make people like me proud to be an Eagles fan as your halfway across the world cheering for the same team and singing Fly Eagles Fly right along with me 8,000 miles away.

You indeed are the prime reason we are a BLEEDING GREEN NATION …