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Win a copy of "Bury Me In My Jersey"

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Being an Eagles fan doesn't end with the game on Sunday. Being an Eagles fan isn't just about keeping up on the new related to the team. There's a culture attached to being an Eagles fan. It's something we are 24/7. So one of the most important things for us here at BGN is to be a part of that culture and support other fans who are helping to create and evolve it. They're out there every day. Just in the past week we met the guy with the impaled Indian head, the guy with the Eagles car, & the guy who proudly displays his Dallas hate on his license plate.

Today, we'll be supporting the guy who literally wrote the book on being an Eagles fan. And for all the Eagles haters out there, this is third time we've highlighted an Eagles book, so not only can us Eagles fans read... we can write too. Check out the Silver Linings Playbook and our interview with the writer of Last Team Standing for more on those.

But today is about Tom McAllister and his book "Bury Me In My Jersey: A Memior of My Father, Football, And Philly." First, you should go buy it, I read it myself and honestly felt parts were written about me. I imagine all Eagles fans will find a similar experience at some point in the book. McAllister is truly one of us. Plus, it's only about fifteen bucks...

In the event that you don't have $15 to spare, I've gotten a copy of the book to give away.... but you're going to have to work for it. In the spirit of the book, I want you to write about your greatest experience as an Eagles fan. It can be a particular game, a moment with family, it can be a tradition... anything as long as it's got a connection to the Eagles. Write it over in the fanposts, we'll pick the top 5 or so, and put them up for a vote to see who the community thinks is best. Winner gets a copy of the book.

In the meantime, check out Tom's site and become a fan of the book on Facebook.

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