Birds Suffer Second Worst Overall Rating Dropoff in Madden 11

Today, I'm making my first fanpost; it falls firmly in the category of "totally irrelevant, but arguably worth mentioning since it's the offseason and news is sloooooooow."

The Overall Team ratings for Madden 11 are out, and it looks like our boys got the short end. Second lowest-rated team in the NFC East:


-The Cowboys and the Giants are both better than Philly, in the eyes of the Madden creators, at 87 and 81, respectively.

-The Eagles had the second biggest drop, from an overall 86 to an overall 80, obviously due to the loss of Reggie Brown and Sean Jones, while the Redskins rose from a 70 to a 76, presumably on the strength of their draft. I guess they must think Trent Williams is gonna be really good.

-The Saints are still the best team, even though they actually dropped a few points from last year to a 92.

-The Cardinals had the biggest drop, of 8 points, from 87 to 79.

All that said, overall Madden team ratings don't even matter in Madden, much less any other context. Maybe it'll be good bulletin board material for the Birds.