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Rating the Pre-Game Speeches

Videos after the jump...

Ray Lewis

Not a big Ray Lewis fan, but give credit where credit is due - He gets his team fired up and everyone respects him. Grade - A-

Drew Brees

Meh. It's OK, I guess. Honestly, I have no idea what he's even saying. Grade - C+

Keith Brooking

Awful, and not because it's the Cowboys. OK, maybe a little. Still, it's forced. Brooking really has no idea what he's going to say, and comes off as kind of cartoony. Grade - F

Brooking - "We're gonna knock them down"

Team - "Yeah?"

Brooking - "And they're gonna get up!"

Team - "Yeah?"

Brooking - "And then we're gonna make them a hotdog and put ketchup on it even though they said they wanted mustard."

Team - "Yeah?"

Brooking - "And then we're gonna drive around in their cars all day and leave them with barely any gas."

Team - "Yeah?"

Brooking - "And then we're... um... We're gonna put empty ice cream containers back in their freezers."

Team - "Yeah?"

Brooking - "And then we're gonna call them after 10pm even though their kids have school the next day."

Team - "Yeah?"

Brooking (out of things to say, jumps in the air)

Seriously though, if that gets you fired up, you're a half-wit.

Ed Reed

OK, so this is neither pre-game, or even the NFL, but it's awesome. Grade - A

Brian Dawkins

I wonder if Quintin Mikell pulled Dawkins aside the next day and said "Come on man, don't hit me. That hurt." Grade - A+ (And yes, I'm biased)

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