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Who are we?

Lots of new faces in midnight green this year.  It'll be fun learning about all of our new, young players.  However, right now, if you walked into a Wawa and came face to face with an Eagle at the coffee counter, would you even know who you were standing next to?  After the jump, there are 18 new faces (and by new faces I mean players that did not appear in any games last year) in Eagles camp that are all either locks, or have a legitimate shot at making the team - How many can you name?

For the answers, click the "Who am I?" links...

237_medium 177_medium 236_medium 242_medium 230_medium

     Who am I?        Who am I?          Who am I?          Who am I?        Who am I?


241_medium 233_medium 245_medium 244_medium 239_medium

     Who am I?         Who am I?         Who am I?           Who am I?        Who am I?


231_medium 246_medium 179_medium 235_medium 243_medium

      Who am I?        Who am I?          Who am I?           Who am I?        Who am I?


240_medium 234_medium 238_medium

      Who am I?       Who am I?         Who am I?


How many did you get right?

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