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Marlin Jackson ruptures achilles tendon, likely done for year

Updating our previous report, Marlin Jackson's injured ankle has been diagnosed as a ruptured Achilles Tendon. After some research on the injury it looks like he'll be in a cast for a couple months after surgery and it could take up to a year to return the ankle to anywhere near full strength. So obviously, his season is in serious jeopardy.

It's a gut wrenching injury for Jackson, who had worked his way back from 3 separate knee injuries. To be injured again, before he even had a chance to play and to have that injury not even be to a knee... it's gotta be tough. There's always a chance a guy with repaired knees could get hurt again, I'm sure he wasn't expecting his achillies tendon would be the thing to go. If you read the accounts of his reaction, you can tell this was an absolutely terrible thing for him to take.

So what now? Well, Rams' FS Oshiomogho Atogwe became an unrestricted free agent today and he could be an option... but let's be honest. Marlin Jackson was only here to keep the seat warm for when rookie Nate Allen was ready. The FS out of South Florida wasn't taken to be a bench player. He was taken to be the starter at FS for this team for the next 5+ years. Now, they probably didn't want to be forced to start him right away... but those are the breaks. Quintin Demps and Macho Harris(who has been playing CB this offseason) are still around if Allen doesn't seem ready to start on opening day, but from this point on the kid should be taking the first team snaps.

So while it's a tough blow to lose a veteran like Jackson, a guy who has started a bunch of games in this league and could have brought some experience back there... but the job was never going to be his long term anyway. It's Nate Allen's job. It's been his job since the day the team drafted him at the top of the 2nd round. He's just going to get it a little earlier than expected. Actually, it might not even be earlier than expected. There was a half decent shot Allen would have won the job by opening day anyway. Atogwe is a good player, but he's going to be expensive and probably want a long term deal which would just be blocking Allen, who should the focus here...

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