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Kevin Kolb on Philly fans, tasergate, and expectations

Philadelphia Eagles QB Kevin Kolb was a guest on the Dan Patrick show yesterday and most of the interview was stuff we've already heard. However, I thought the end was particularly interesting...

DP: Did you see the Philadelphia Phillies fan get tasered?
KK: I saw pictures of it. I never got the full story, but you know what's funny, they said a fan got tasered, and I said, "Hmm, that's probably a Philly fan." And sure enough I looked down and there was a Phillies shirt on him. We have that reputation for a reason.

DP: I did the same thing, as soon as I heard the story. I said what inning did the Phillies fan run on the field. But it's a tough crowd that you play for in Philadelphia, Kevin. Everybody loves the back up. Now you're the starter, give us an idea of what they expect.
KK: Well, they have high expectations. But the way I look at it is nobody has higher expectations than myself or the guy that gave me the job, Coach Reid. We know what it's like and that's the good thing about sitting back for three years. You get to analyze all that and see it and think about how you're going to handle it and get yourself prepared for it. I don't know if you're ever fully prepared. There's going to be some valleys for sure, but you got to handle them and push through them.

Thanks to Bish for finding this one.