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More PFT translation!

Piggybacking on the post Igglesblog did this morning that was brilliantly simple and kinda blew up a post on PFT.... I thought it was worth pointing out another recent Eagles related PFT swing and miss.

After skimming over a few Vick quotes from minicamp, Florio read between the lines... "Mike Vick Not Comfortable With Backup Role"

Though he chose his words carefully, the message is clear.  He still wants to be a starter.  And if starter Kevin Kolb struggles to start his first season as a starter, it's hard not to wonder whether Vick will start pushing the buttons of some of the guys who supposedly voted unanimously for him as recipient of the Ed Block Courage Award.

Problem was, reporters who were actually there and listened to him speak disagreed. My favorite was Jordan Ranaan of CSNPhilly.

This is why athletes hate media. I was there. Vick totally accepting of role. RT @ProFootballTalk Mike Vick not comfortable with backup role

Jeff McLane, who was also there, echoed that in his article "Vick ok with backup role"

I don't hate PFT like a lot of people, but there's a reason many reporters go to events to hear what guys actually say. It's not easy covering events by essentially covering the coverage. Funny enough, I spoke with Mike Florio at the draft and found him to be a nice, straightforward guy. It's always fascinating to see the difference between a person and their public persona. Either way, the gang of Eagles blogging street toughs has our eye on you Florio!