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The Linc - Kevin Kolb jersey getting popular

Popularity grows for Eagles QB Kolb's No. 4 jersey | Philadelphia Daily News | 05/06/2010
The change from No. 5 to No. 4 won't just be seen in the Philadelphia Eagles' huddle. It will be seen on the backs of fans throughout the region, if the NFL's jersey-sales figures on the NFL's website for April are an early indication. New Eagles starter Kevin Kolb's No. 4 was ranked 12th in sales. Hall of Famer Tommy McDonald: "Eagles owners don’t forget ballplayers of the past" "
"They deserve the focus to be on them," Lurie added. "They built the franchise."

How to Measure Team Age in the N.F.L. and What It Means for 2010 - The Fifth Down Blog -
The NY Times writes this article after Bye Dawk :( does... Hmmm.....

Advanced NFL Stats: Why Free Agent Signings Turn Out So Disappointing
An interesting look at the idea of "The Winner's Curse" and how it relates to NFL free agency. The top bidder will likely be the one who most overestimates the value of the player.

DeSean Jackson's Foundation 10
DeSean Jackson's foundation for pancreatic cancer is holding it's first "speed camp" May 15th where participants can learn football from the pros.

Stick with Midnight Green | CSNPhilly
The throwback kelly green jerseys should remain just that. Throwbacks.

Elliott embraces the big-time | RANDY BEARD COLUMN " Evansville Courier & Press
"It was really neat. Pro sports in Philadelphia are a really big deal," said Elliott, the former Harrison High and Purdue University quarterback. "They want their football team to win and there are a lot of people backing us. They are big-time fans up there."

The Progress News: Philly's black eye isn't deserved
the second incident of an unruly fan drawing attention to themselves in just over two weeks has sent me over the edge. Especially when I hear on every sports radio show and television show - "That's Philly for you." No, it really isn't. Eagles Insiders : Forgotten man Ingram nearly all the way back
Cornelius Ingramis back, the Eagles do expect him to be ready by the end of the month, when rookies and selected vets return for another organized team activity. "I feel real good," he said. "I just went to Dr. [James] Andrews [the famous Birmingham, Ala.-based surgeon who did the last repair] this past Sunday, and he said everything looked real good. But even before I went, I already had talked it over with [Eagles trainer] Rick [Burkholder] about just working myself in instead of just going all-out right now."

NFL is unlike Fortune 500 businesses in so many ways - Ross Tucker -
the NFL is not like other industries. I don't think it ever has been and I'd like to think it never will be. It is the last bastion of pure, unadulterated, testosterone-laden barbarism. That, of course, is a huge part of why it is so great and we love it so much.