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The Linc - Who has the best throwback for 2010?

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via Blogs " Blog Archive Who has the best throwback uniform for 2010 "
The Packers' throwback is not very good. Seems like a Michigan Wolverine jersey.

The Eagles are going back to a time when green was green - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
MJD says the move to Kelly green should be made permanent.

Phillies, Eagles in virtual tie for best logo | Philadelphia Daily News | 05/04/2010
We asked what you thought of the logos of the local teams, and the Phillies and Eagles finished in a virtual dead heat.

Rich Hofmann: Fans remain loyal to Eagles despite unfulfilled hopes | Philadelphia Daily News | 05/04/2010
When forced in late March to make a choice, this population of casual sports fans that was culled from the ranks of Daily News online readers chose the Phillies as their favorite. But the rest of the numbers speak of an underlying devotion to football and to the Eagles, and to the notion that they are generally happy about the team, just not thrilled.

Eagles confident with younger, less experienced bunch - NFL - Football
Almost everything about this year's Philadelphia Eagles is new. A new quarterback. A new running back. New wide receivers. New defensive linemen. New defensive backs. New assistant coaches. Even coach Andy Reid's director of security is new.

Vick shows electrifying moves | | The News Journal
Teammates are saying that Michael Vick looks like the athlete he was before his incarceration. He says he's a better QB.