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Evidently it's time to buy a new Eagles jersey

long gone
long gone

I was flipping through my closet yesterday and came to an unfortunate realization. Pictured above are all the Eagles jerseys I currently own. Of course, none of those players are currently on the team and at least two are completely unacceptable to wear at this point. I could get away with the Dawkins jersey, but McNabb is a Redskin & TO is... TO.

What to do? Buy a new jersey it seems... With all the long time players gone in the last few years, I imagine this is a predicament that a lot of Eagles fans are facing.

The question is who to get? A guy that's signed long term and is likely to be around for a while is always a good bet. Stars are obviously always popular. I could go a little speculative and get a rookie or second year man, or in our case even the quarterback. There's a lot of options on this team.

Whatever the name, I'm pretty sure the color is going to be kelly green...

Brent Celek - The guy is signed long term, he's coming off a breakout year, and I kinda owe it to him after not being a believer at first...

DeSean Jackson - A pro bowler, an emerging star, and a guy who genuinely seems to have a great time playing the game. Plus, he's our first great homegrown WR since... who knows when?

Trent Cole - Another pro bowler. The best player on the defense. All around good guy.

Kevin Kolb - At this point, he's the franchise. The success or failure of the team over the next few years sits primarily on his shoulders.

Stewart Bradley - Looked like a player on the brink of stardom before the injury last year. Can he come back this year and pick up where he left off? I dunno, but the Eagles do seem intent on putting him out there as one of the faces of the franchise.

Brandon Graham - The kid. The future. The Eagles made a big move up to #13 in the draft to get this guy and they expect him to be a star. Do I get on his bandwagon from the start?

Others - There's guys like Jeremy Maclin, Asante Samuel, LeSean McCoy, or Leonard Weaver... all good players, all guys I like. I dunno if I feel like investing in their jersey though...