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OG Greg Isdaner Signs Three-Year Deal

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The Eagles announced this morning that they have signed offensive guard Greg Isdaner to a three-year deal. The 6'4", 325 lb West Virginia grad spent time with both the Cowboys and Eagles during 2009 before being released from Philadelphia's practice squad at the end of the season. He was signed in lieu of former Buccaneers guard Shawn Murphy, who flunked Friday's minicamp physical.

This signing has the potential to turn into a quality backup linemen for the Eagles. Isdaner has been said to possess starter-quality strength and quickness, and a demonstrated knack for picking up the blitz. His skills in the run blocking department could use work, however, and he has been known to struggle pushing the pile. Still, with a quality offensive line coach like Juan Castillo, Isdaner has the potential to develop into a decent backup for the team. He will join Nick Cole, Max Jean-Gilles, Dallas Reynolds, and Zipp Duncan in the battle for the reserve guard positions.