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The Linc - Thankfully we have good sense

Eagles lineman Dunlap trying to get more King-sized | Philadelphia Daily News | 05/28/2010
King Dunlap said yesterday he has put 30 pounds of muscle on his unlinemanlike frame, and now weighs 335, though he still looks like he ought to be jousting with Marreese Speights and Thaddeus Young instead of Brandon Graham and Daniel T'eo-Nesheim.  Hey G-Cobb, leave Mike Kafka alone!
I learned about G-Cobb's column by reading Bleeding Green Nation, an Eagles blog that thankfully has some good sense.

Shhh, no one show her this.

Eagles TE Ingram looks to bounce from ACL injuries - Lebanon Daily News
"Any time you get hurt, suffer a major injury, it's going to be tough," the Philadelphia Eagles' second-year tight end said. "When it's the same injury, the same part of your body, it's tougher."

Guest-Column-By-Winston-Justice-Visiting-Haiti / News -
Winston Justice recounts his experience in Haiti in this very beautifully written and touching column.

Sims likes pit bulls, and Vick -
Ernie Sims owns 20 dogs and a monkey. That's the not the start of a joke, it's true. Here's the story of when he met Michael Vick.