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The Linc - Why Chris Johnson should be more like DeSean Jackson

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Paul Domowitch: Comparing contract dilemmas of DeSean Jackson & Chris Johnson | Philadelphia Daily News | 05/27/2010
While Jackson and Johnson are in the same boat, the two players have chosen two very different ways to deal with their current dilemmas. Johnson's way essentially is to ignore the realities of the uncapped year and stay home until the Titans find a way to show him the money. Jackson, on the other hand, has dealt with his situation much more maturely.

Kendra Wilkinson ‘appreciative’ of husband’s support amidst sex tape scandal
"He’s doing a good job because he’s understanding," Wilkinson said of her husband Hank Baskett, a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles in the National Football League. "He’s like, ‘Kendra, we just have to hold our heads high because, yeah, we’re going to get attacked, but we can’t run."

NFL: Graham trusting instincts - The Reporter Sports
Eagles first-round draft pick Brandon Graham is at his best when he doesn't have to think. When Graham's instincts take over, you don't want to be the quarterback he's tracking, much less a critic of the University of Michigan football program that after a lengthy investigation, recently told on itself for exceeding NCAA limits on practice and training time.

Eagles' new receivers knocking on the door -
The Eagles have their top three -- DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and Jason Avant -- firmly in place. Then they have Hank Baskett, an excellent special teams player (except for one play in the Super Bowl last February), back in the fold. He's not going anywhere, either. After that, it becomes a matter of math. If the Eagles keep five wideouts, that's one opening. If they keep six, it's two.

Roy Williams hasn't awakened from bad dream - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
As much as Cowboys fans love to celebrate the Herschel Walker trade in 1989 that launched the great run of the 1990s, Williams is almost the antithesis of that deal. No, Williams didn’t cost as much as Walker gained, but Williams has fallen so far short of expectation that it’s a joke.