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The Linc - What if DeSean Jackson played soccer?

U.S. 2010 World Cup Roster Reimagined: What If America's Best Athletes Played Soccer? - SB Nation
As for Desean Jackson, he earns the nod for all the same reasons as Harvin, plus: He sure seems like an ornery little bastard, doesn't he? Not in a bad way, either; but he's got a serious case of the Napolean complex, and we can use that our advantage. You think Desean Jackson is going to take sh— from some uppity Italian defender? Bitch, he's from COMPTON. Desean will wreak havoc on whoever the Euros throw at him, and he'll do it while talking endless amounts of trash, cheap shotting on every header, and whining to the refs like a seasoned pro. Come get some, Italia. — Sharp

Eagles Notes: Young Birds Staying in the Nest
There has always been a strong player presence at the Complex in the offseason. Just never this strong. Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick lead a hefty veteran contingent at this week’s OTAs, which feature 17 non-rookies with NFL game experience. In the past, Donovan McNabb was often in Arizona, Brian Westbrook escaped to his farm in Maryland and Brian Dawkins retreated with his family to Florida.

Eagles' Sapp Eager to Prove Pundits Right
Imagine you are Ricky Sapp on NFL draft weekend. You’ve been told you might be selected late in the first round. Certainly, you will selected by the end of the second round. So you kick back with family and friends and wait.

The League Panelists: Allure of Super Bowl in any climate leads cities to invest in new NFL football stadiums - Jason Brewer
The promise of a Super Bowl helps convince local municipalities to open up their wallets to help pay for new stadiums, regardless of climate.

Free agent wide receiver Pat Simonds faces tough fight to make Eagles' roster | -
"The players are bigger and faster than what I am used to, but on the field, it's still football," said Simonds. "I'm a big guy for my position. It's physical but not really all that different."