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The Linc - Brandon Graham wants to be rookie of the year

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Graham Expects To Make Big Splash - Philadelphia Eagles
"My expectations are, I'm trying to win rookie of the year," Graham said after a morning workout. "I'm trying to win a championship my first year. I'm trying to contribute to help my team get to where we need to be, and I know we're all going to work hard for each other. That's the biggest thing, just fight for each other. I believe we're going to get there."

Opportunity knocks for rookie Eagles linebacker | Philadelphia Inquirer | 05/19/2010
At first, Keenan Clayton's path to success seemed clear. As a child, he was the fastest one on the flag football field. He went on to be a high school star in Sulphur Springs, a rural town in football-hungry East Texas. Recruited by football powerhouses, including LSU, he won a starting safety job at Oklahoma as a redshirt freshman. Then, one play into his second game as a starter, Clayton's career was redirected by a missed tackle. Benched for nearly two years, he considered quitting

Kolb expected for part of rookies camp | Philadelphia Inquirer | 05/19/2010
Several veterans fighting for roster spots are expected to participate in the OTAs, as these activities are known. At minicamp two weeks ago, quarterback Kevin Kolb said that he would make the final four dates even though he is under no obligation to. Donovan McNabb, for instance, skipped rookie camp his last several years as the Eagles' starting quarterback.

Why the Associated Press voting panel's "Cushing 18" needs to be over-hauled - Stampede Blue
Our pals at Stampede Blue discuss why the Brian Cushing rookie of the year award re-vote means changes need to be made.

NFC issues: Can Jay Cutler rebound, put life back in Bears? -
For Philadelphia It's all about QB Kevin Kolb. The Eagles folded on Donovan McNabb after 11 years and gambled on a fresh hand with Kolb, who has started twice in his first three seasons. He's surrounded by plenty of young weapons and should get support from a refurbished defense. But how long will his honeymoon with the Philly faithful last if he struggles out of the gate with Michael Vick looking on?