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The Linc - Send your kids to speed camp!

DeSean Jackson hosts speed camp | Philly
In the ongoing effort to promote his foundation for pancreatic cancer, Philadelphia Eagles WR DeSean Jackson hosted a speed camp Saturday morning.

Sports in Brief: NFL assistants consider union | Philadelphia Inquirer | 05/15/2010
NFL assistant coaches are considering unionizing because they believe that team owners have stripped them of benefits. NFL Coaches Association executive director Larry Kennan, a former assistant coach, said Friday that a letter was sent to the group's representatives on all 32 teams urging them to "explore the possibility" of a union. By doing so, assistant coaches could gain negotiating rights they do not have as an association.

Didinger's NFL Notebook: Empty seats
Despite playing in the NYC market and coming off an AFC title game, the Jets are facing blackouts this season due to thousands of unsold tickets.

Brian Westbrook: Broken Down 30-year-old running back? - Mile High Report
Are the Broncos willing to take a chance on an "over-the-hill" running back?

The Claw - Wiggins Jr.-Sr. High School - Broncos Drafting Brian Westbrook: Smart Decision? Or Not?
I know it's written by a kid... but this article is still fun to laugh at.

Drew Bledsoe Continues A Long Tradition Of Football Wineries -
Drew Bledsoe is apparently a better winemaker than he was a quarterback.