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Philadelphia Eagles Game Changing Offseason Moves: Birds embracing social media

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This week's game changing move actually has nothing to do with what happens on the field. The game change that we're highlighting this week is the way more and more Eagles are embracing social media. More & more often these guys are circumventing the traditional media and taking their messages straight to the fans. With the Eagles being so young, a pretty significant amount of them can be found twittering and facebooking.


No one has embraced social media more than TE Brent Celek, who has been waging a campaign to increase his following on twitter and facebook. He's been giving away autographs, phone calls, and more to his facebook friends in an attempt to get a bigger audience... He even went on ESPN to plug his twitter account. Celek & Stewart Bradley are actually competing to see who can get the most followers, but so far Celek is pretty far ahead. Lucky for him, he's not in a competition with DeSean Jackson...

LeSean McCoy has used his twitter to spread the word about the community day he organized in his hometown of Harrisburg.

DeSean Jackson tweets like crazy, mostly about things I don't understand... but he also raises money for his "Foundation 10" to fight cancer. You can also find DeSean live streaming video on Ustream or on facebook.

Some Eagles are more interesting than others on twitter... Leonard Weaver is not one of the more interesting guys.

What's up yall I'm on my way to wawa to get a tuna sandwich.

This afternoon it's been great seeing tweets from all the rookies talking about packing for Philly and the next minicamp. It's also cool to see the guys talking to each other over twitter.

I made a twitter list that you can follow which keeps track of all the Eagles players, beat writers, & bloggers. After the jump is a list of Eagles players on twitter individually.

Brent Celek twitter, Brent Celek facebook

Stewart Bradley

LeSean McCoy

DeSean Jackson

Todd Herremans

Macho Harris

Leonard Weaver

Daryl Tapp

Jordan Norwood

Max Jean Gilles

Riley Cooper

Kurt Coleman

Martin Rucker

Ricky Sapp

Jeff Owens

Jamar Chaney

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