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Donovan McNabb on Kevin Kolb and regrets

Donovan McNabb was a guest on 97.5 the Fanatic this afternoon and shared his thoughts on a number of subjects, including current Eagles starter Kevin Kolb.

Kevin is stepping into a great situation. I'm happy for him more importantly that he gets the opportunity being able to work with them for 3 years and he'll be prepared. He'll be ready.

Kevin as a person works extremely hard and wants to be the best. As a player he displayed a little bit of that obviously last year so I wish nothing but the best for him. They were speaking highly of him when they drafted him so now they get the opportunity to see him for 16 games. Going into his 4th or 5th year or so I now he's excited about it and good things can happen for him. I wish him nothing but the best.

McNabb also issued an apology...

I apologize more than anything to the people of Philadelphia for not bringing that Superbowl to them but it didn't happen and I look forward to trying to reach that goal in Washington.

I think we all share that regret. Check out the full interview on the Fanatic website.

McNabb's main reason for being on the show to promote his involvement with an organization raising awareness about high blood pressure. For more on that, check out their website.