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The Linc - Ryan Leaf & Jamarcus Russell, Eagle killers.

Why did you not beat me?
Why did you not beat me?

Eagles Relying on Laws | CSNPhilly
"Trevor Laws is doing a great job. He's in great shape right now," Roseman said prior to the draft. "He's in here every day. I think he's going to do a great job for us [as a pass rusher]."

Didinger's NFL Notebook: Is Russell's Career Over?
Two of the biggest draft busts of all time, JaMarcus Russell & Ryan Leaf, both have one of their few wins against the Eagles. :(

Cowboy's Miles Austin on Philly trading McNabb: Eagles lost their queen
"It was shocking because normally, in your own division, teams don't like to give pieces. That's like giving your queen to the other guy in chess. Not to say Donovan's a queen or anything like that. You know, hypothetically. But, he's a strong piece and he's a great player, so the defense has got a little bit more on their hands, especially dealing with Washington this year."

Eagles receivers: '04 vs. '09 | Philly | 05/08/2010
The argument can be made pretty easily that the current group of Eagles receivers/tight ends is the strongest of the Andy Reid era. The only other group that even enters the discussion is the 2004-05 Terrell Owens team that reached the Super Bowl. Here are a few charts comparing the receivers and tight ends during the two seasons

Rugby offers national opportunities for former UH Warriors | | The Honolulu Advertiser
Former UH Warriors Tala Esera and Leonard Peters look to rugby for opportunities to represent the United States in the 2011 Rugby World Cup. Esera was once a member of the Eagles practice squad.

Haynesworth misses another camp - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Don't let this one catch you by surprise, but Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth is skipping another "voluntary" minicamp. Haynesworth will be required to attend next month's mandatory camp, but that's probably the only time he'll spend at Redskins Park leading up to training camp.