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Philadelphia Eagles Game Changing Offseason Moves: Let's Teach Mike Kafka to hold

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An idea popped up in the comments a few days ago that I'm totally on board with. If I remember right, Alon, first had the idea so credit where credit is due for this one...

Why not starting teaching Mike Kafka to hold for field goals right now?

For this season, with Mike Vick all but guaranteed to be here as a backup, Kafka will be the 3rd QB and isn't likely to be active for any games. But next year, when Vick is gone Kakfa is probably the odds on favorite to be the backup. If all goes according to plan and Kevin Kolb is the franchise QB for the next 6 years then Kafka is going to be around for a while and isn't going to play that much. So why not let him become the next Koy Detmer? With a quarterback holding there's always the chance that he could pull off an effective fake. I don't think anyone is going to trust current holder Sav Rocca to stand up and throw a pass. A QB like Kafka actually could, plus he can run a little.

There's a decent chance that this is Rocca's last year, if he even makes the team this year... So the team is going to need a new holder in the near future anyway. Why not take whatever time they can to start drilling him on how to hold for kicks? By next season he should be ready to take over as the backup and the holder.

So we're starting the campaign today. Teach Kafka to hold! Let's see if we can get a member of the local media to ask the question of Andy at a press conference. I might have a few connections with the Eagles soon where I could possibly get the question asked... This campaign will run concurrently with our ongoing efforts to have Koy Detmer be the first holder inducted into the pro football hall of fame.

So what do you think? Does this make sense?