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BGN 2010 Mock Draft Pick #15 - The New York Giants

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With the fifteenth pick in the BGN Draft, FreeBradshaw selects...

Mike Iupati - OG, Idaho

Worst case scenario, as Rolando McClain, CJ Spiller, Derrick Morgan and the OT's I'd take here (Trent Williams, Bruce Campbell and Brian Bulaga) are all gone. Sean Weatherspoon is an option, but the Giants don't just need any LB, they need a MIKE backer..which I ain't feeling for Weatherspoon. I'd take Spoon at #15 if we needed a WLB, which I think he'll be at worst a solid player at. But at MLB I'd move him down the list behind many others who probably are available in round 2.

Other options, Dan Williams and Brian Price- DT just isn't that big a need...I can't bank on all 4 of the dudes on the squad being as banged up again to justify a first rounder. One should be drafted, but not until round 2 at the earliest (unless Suh or McCoy fall this far!!!)

As for the actual pick, I don't really like it (mainly since apparently Todd McShay made the pick...but broken clocks are right twice a day aren't they?) ! But Iupati is a hammer, a rock. The Giants need to infuse talent in their OL. Will Beatty should hopefully win out the starting LT spot (and I hope he doesn't get Winston Justice'd anytime soon) and Dave Diehl's ability and versatility say he should be starting somewhere...just where? Its debatable who the true weak link of the Giants OL was last year (I say it was Diehl himself...but mainly as he was at LT where he's above average at best).

I dunno if Iupati starts right away at LG, or maybe even RT which he's got the athleticism and size to eventually be. I'd love to see Beatty-Iupati-O'Hara-Snee-

Diehl as the opening day OL. Maybe there's some growing pains for that left side, but to be honest in 2009 Diehl and Seubert were pretty friggin bad as far as pass blocking goes.

But a gigantic, nasty and athletic LG like Iupati should help the Giants running game out. Really...the big problem in 2009 was Jacobs had a torn MCL since week 1, Bradshaw had 2 broken feet and Ware had a dislocated elbow. So with health too all those guys and some new blood, the Giants can pray they get back some of that 2008 flavor for the runnings game.

Next on the clock will be antoniak with the Tennessee Titans.

Previous picks: #1 Ndamukong Suh, #2 Russell Okung, #3 Gerald McCoy, #4 Sam Bradford, #5 Eric Berry, #6 Trent Williams, #7 Jimmy Clausen, #8 Bruce Campbell, #9 Bryan Bulaga, #10 Derrick Morgan, #11 Rolando McClain, #12 Sergio Kindle, #13 Joe Haden, #14 C.J. Spiller

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