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BGN 2010 Mock Draft Pick #13 - The San Francisco 49ers

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With the thirteenth pick in the 2010 BGN Draft, T-rade selects...

Joe Haden - CB, Florida

Joe Haden will is a great fit at the 13th pick for the 9'ers who have had problems in their secondary with Spencer and Clements as the tandem as well as having a defensive minded Head Coach. They have their franchise run stopper and now need their pass stopper.

Haden might have recorded a slow 40 at the combine, but he still has a lot of upside for a corner. The 40 time was most of all a fata morgana, and doesn't show his true speed, he reacts quickly and has is good closing in on the receiver if burned at first. His quick reaction also means he is able to stop the run on the outside where he is a solid tackler and actually tied 3rd for most tackles for the Gators. Part reason for this is that he takes good angles and is able to hit bigger ballcarriers low. In 2009 his stats took a dive, but the main reason for this was that oppossing offenses tried to throw away from him. He still managed to record over 65 tackles and 4 INT's.

Next on the clock will be eagleswin with the Seattle Seahawks.

Previous picks: #1 Ndamukong Suh, #2 Russell Okung, #3 Gerald McCoy, #4 Sam Bradford, #5 Eric Berry, #6 Trent Williams, #7 Jimmy Clausen, #8 Bruce Campbell, #9 Bryan Bulaga, #10 Derrick Morgan, #11 Rolando McClain, #12 Sergio Kindle

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