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Selig didn't like that McNabb trade stole MLB's thunder

I love baseball. I've played the sport my whole life, I frankly enjoying going to a baseball game more than a football game, but let's be honest... In this country and in this town the NFL is f-ing king and even though Sunday & Monday was baseball's opening day the Donovan McNabb trade story dominated the local and national headlines. The story so totally blew baseball's coverage out of the water, that MLB commissioner Bud Selig took notice... and he wasn't happy.

Bud was in the press box of the Phillies vs Nationals game, which featured the defending NL champs full of big stars, one of the best pitchers in the game on the mound, and the President of United States throwing out the first pitch! However, even all that wasn't enough to bump wall to wall McNabb coverage off "the world leader."

Selig just met with a group of about three dozen reporters in the pressbox here at Nationals Park, and he smirked when asked what he’s heard at the ballpark this afternoon about the McNabb deal.

"I was watching an unnamed channel and [McNabb] was all they were talking about," Selig said. "I turned it off."

MJD at Shut Down corner put Bud in his place...

those are the breaks, Mr. Selig. Sometimes things happen, and it takes some shine away from Red Sox/Yankees. Sometimes, other things happen, and it doesn't matter, because ESPN's already decided that Red Sox/Yankees is going to be crammed down your gullet whether you like it or not.

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