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BGN 2010 Mock Draft Pick #12 - The Miami Dolphins

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With the twelfth pick in the 2010 BGN Draft, "The Professor" whodie126 selects...

Sergio Kindle - OLB, Texas

So this turned out to be more difficult then I initially thought. When you think of Miami you ultimately think of the Wildcat. We know this team can run, they just resigned RT Vernon Carey, and have young LT Jake Long on the other side. They could probably use a Guard or Center but I’m not sure it’s worth their first round pick. So I’m staying away from offensive line.

There is a huge CJ Spiller chant going on in my head right now. Ricky "Running" Williams is 32 and Ronnie Brown is 28 and can’t seem to stay healthy. A team that depends on its running game so much should really consider this guy here. I honestly think they go another route though (trade?).

The Miami faithful seem to sound like Eagles fans from a few years back calling for a number 1 wideout. I think Dez Bryant is a bit of a reach here for not exactly filling a huge need. He has some attitude problems that I think Parcells avoids like the plague. Davone Bess had a good year last year and is entering his 3rd year I think he deserves a shot.

Now we get to the real problem area, the defense. The secondary for the Dolphins was bad but the rookie corners weren’t the issue it was the safeties, specifically the FS position. Sound familiar? I wanted to go Earl Thomas but then I was thinking about the 3-4 defense the Phins run there are other holes that may be a bigger issue.

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This leaves me with the next big hole, NT. Dan Williams is a NT who will clog that middle and help against the run and the pass. I think they can find a NT later in the draft and Williams has had weight issues that you can’t ignore. If you can stop the run you can really control a game and that is why I’m really considering him here.

They went out and got Dansby, who will help a lot, Channing Crowder is a good ILB so the middle seems to be set. Arguably the most important position in a 3-4 is the OLB and they lost Joey Porter and Jason Taylor is 36. Jason Pierre-Paul can go DE/OLB but he is a huge question mark (workout warrior?) and Sergio Kindle might be a reach I think if they go this route they trade down and since I can’t I’m going to take Sergio Kindle here. If they believe the Kindle is there guy they will take him here regardless because there are other teams out there that might take him.

Kindle is a big 6’4" 255lb OLB that will get in the backfield. He has some off the field issues but I think his athletic ability help you get past this. He is quick and strong and can play the run and the pass, I think he can come in and play right away especially as a special teams contributor.

Next on the clock will be T-rade with the San Francisco 49ers.

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