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Examining the Eagles ability to trade up

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With the trades of Donovan McNabb and Sheldon Brown the Eagles now hold 5 of the top 90 picks in the draft. That gives them some serious ammo to move up for a player if they so desire. How high can they go? Using the draft pick trade value chart I've examined some possibilities.

The Eagles own first round pick(#24 overall) plus the pick acquired from the Skins(#37 overall) add up to 1,270 points. That would conceivably get the Eagles up to #10 or #11 valued at 1300 and 1250 points respectively.

If they couple their first round pick with their own second rounder it would equal 1190 points and could possibly jump the Eagles up about 11 or 12 spots to #12 or 13.

By packaging their first pick and the 70th overall pick(3rd rounder) they could jump up 7 or 8 spots.

If the team threw one of it's 3rd round picks into one of these packages they could get into the top 10, but that would be quite a bounty of picks to give up. A package of the Eagles first 3 picks(1st and both 2nds) could move them into the top 5. These are mostly fantasy though...

Obviously there's a plethora of other scenarios that could see the Eagles move up in different rounds, but these scenarios are probably their best shot at moving up significantly up in the draft and going after one of the elite talents. In my opinion, the prize would be Eric Berry but almost no mock draft has Berry falling past the top 6 or 7. I just don't see the Eagles giving up 3 picks in the first three rounds for a player.  Is there anyone that could fall into the teens that you might see the Eagles going after?

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