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Marshall Faulk nails it, Baldinger slams McNabb

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The NFL Network had a discussion of the Donovan McNabb trade which included, among others, Marshall Faulk and Brian Baldinger who were both supportive of the trade. Oddly enough, no one on the panel seemed negative on it from an Eagles perspective. However, Marshall Faulk really nailed the reason why people shouldn't be worrying about the Eagles trading McNabb to a division rival.

The Eagles are young, and there's no better time to let Kevin Kolb show everyone he can lead the team. The Eagles probably got as much as they could have from the Redskins because they are a division rival. You never trade worried about the other team, you trade worrying about your team.

Andy Reid said a very similar thing on WIP this afternoon. If I remember right he said "I don't have to worry about the Washington Redskins, I have to worry about the Philadelphia Eagles."

Fact is, if you made the decision to move on from McNabb what difference does it matter where he's traded? If they saw him as an opponent to be feared, fact is they wouldn't have traded him to anyone. Whether they're correct or not remains to be seen... Plus, when Andy says he wanted to do what was best for McNabb, I hear "If McNabb is agreeable to an extension I could get more from that team." Again, that's doing what is best for the Eagles.

The most surprising part of the segment was Brian Baldinger's thoughts. Baldy didn't hold back. He praised the Eagles move and launched an unexpectedly vicious attack on McNabb in the process.

The Eagles should be ecstatic. I view McNabb as a flawed player, and it was never more apparent than in the back-to-back losses to the Cowboys last season. His flaws will never go away. Now, the Eagles get at least two chances to expose the same flaws they've been covering up for 11 years. It works against the Redskins that McNabb is still in the division. Andy Reid can finally stop covering up for one of the most overrated quarterbacks in the history of the game. The Eagles will go to the playoffs. The Redskins will be watching from the golf course.

"One of the most overrated quarterbacks in the history of the game?" Isn't that a bit harsh?

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