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Kolb: "Everything I've done in my life has led to this"

Regardless of your feelings on the trade of McNabb, you've got to admire the position that Kevin Kolb finds himself in. Every quarterback that gets drafted into the NFL has the goal of becoming a starter, and after 3 years of waiting this kid finally has his chance. He's living the dream of hundreds of thousands of little boys growing up in this country.

Everything I've done in my life has led to this," Kolb said. "I'm ready to roll and lead this team.

"I didn't even blink when Andy (Reid) told me. I really didn't," he said. "I'm excited about it. I'm sure it will have a little drama, but it will be a fun ride. I truly have that outlook on it. I think this team will surprise some people."

How many of us will be able to have a moment like that in their life? When someone calls you up and tells you everything you ever worked for has finally paid off? It has to be an exhilarating feeling. That said, Kolb wasn't strutting and didn't sound like he was in a celebratory mood. He's pretty clear on what the job is ahead of him and focused on achieving it.

"Obviously we know what Donovan's done," Kolb said. "He's been a Pro Bowl quarterback; he's led this team to a Super Bowl and five NFC championships. Hopefully the only thing we change in that is that we win the Super Bowl. That's our number one goal. That's been our goal since I've been here and it's been our goal since Andy's been here. It's not, of course we want to win the division, it's not been to win 10 games, it's been to win a Super Bowl and that's not going to change because we're going younger or because people think we're in a rebuilding year. It's going to be the same focus for us day in and day out as it was when we had all the veterans here and we were trying to make those runs two or three years ago."
Listening to his press conference there's no doubt that Kolb has the demeanor and mindset you look for in a starting QB, but that's in the press room. He's got to prove that the same demeanor can be carried onto the field and translates to winning games. That's a test for this fall... for now we congratulate Kolb & place our hopes in him.

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