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BGN 2010 Mock Draft Pick #8 - The Oakland Raiders

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With the eighth pick in the 2010 BGN Draft, NJEagle selects...

Bruce Campbell - OT, Maryland

This pick makes sense on numerous levels. To get jokes out of the way, Al Davis looks like a member of the Army of Darkness so Bruce Campbell would fit. But I digress, Campbell works from both Davis’s previous draft strategies as well as a logical pick from a sense of need and talent. We all know Davis loves speed, well Campbell ran a 4.75 at the combine…for those who don’t amateurs scout or don’t watch the combine, a 4.75 for an O-lineman is almost unreal. To put it in perspective, Campbell is one of only two O-linemen to run the 40 in sub 5 seconds (Trent Williams, taken by the Seahawks in our mock draft ran a 4.81).

Campbell works from a need standpoint in that Oakland desperately needs both a right and left tackle. The athletic Terrapin would most likely be the Left Tackle immediately and would join his former college teammate WR Darrius Heyward-Bey (1st round pick last year). Campbell also has the ability to be a second Tight End in a blocking scheme or the wildcat due to his size (6’7") and speed (aforementioned 4.75). If Campbell can develop like fellow former Terrapin OT Jared Gaither, this will be a great pick for the silver in black.

Other possible picks for Oakland could be LB Rolando McClain, OT Anthony Davis, and DT Brian Price (if they decide to reach). I just think Campbell fits need and strategy for the Evil Dead owner. I believe this pick will actually be traded, but not necessarily to us. In closing Bruce Campbell could turn into a more productive Jason Peters due to his athletic prowess but has a pretty low floor if he busts.

Next on the clock will be ando1213 with the Buffalo Bills.

Previous picks: #1 Ndamukong Suh, #2 Russell Okung, #3 Gerald McCoy, #4 Sam Bradford, #5 Eric Berry, #6 Trent Williams, #7 Jimmy Clausen

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