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BGN 2010 Mock Draft Pick #7 - The Cleveland Browns

With the sixth pick in the 2010 BGN Draft, isi_eagle selects...

Jimmy Clausen - QB, Notre Dame

Cleveland Browns is a difficult team to pick for. They have a number of needs that can and must be addressed through the draft. Eric Berry would have been a great pick for Browns because he brings talent and playmaker ability on the defense, but unfortunately he is now gone. Earl Thomas is a possibility here, but he is a reach here and he is too raw to be able to "save" Cleveland’s defense from day one. Browns have acquired Brown, but he is 31 and is not a long term solution by any means, therefore Browns could select a CB, Joe Haden is the best rated CB, but after a below average combine, his speed and ability has been questioned . Besides this year’s draft is very deep and especially on defensive side of the ball. But by acquiring Brown, Browns gave themselves a little bit flexibility to address a true playmaker on any position and not necessary a DB.

Cleveland is not set at QB. Yes the pay Jake "Interception" Delhomme big money and acquired Seneca Wallace from Seahawks, but come on? None of them can truly improve their QB position. Wallace will be a good backup, Delhomme is there to play in the upcoming season and mentor a newly drafted QB. Holmgren and Cleveland showed a lot of love for Colt Mccoy, but if Rams will take DT Suh as a 1st overall pick, I am 99% sure that they will go after Colt McCoy with 33rd overall. Browns do have a number of picks in this year’s draft and they can address the other needs later in the draft.

Therefore I choose to pick QB Jimmy Clausen. He definitely fills the need and has great value here. He had a great carrier at Notre Dame. He is pretty athletic, has above average arm strength and very precise. He is also tough, not afraid of taking a hit and very cold-blooded in the pocket. He is a great leader, but the most important of all he is a hard worker and a winner. He will bring a much needed winner mentality to Browns. He was one of the best recruits coming out of high school and there was a lot of pressure on him throughout his carrier and the trend will not change with him being ranked as a 2nd best and some place the best QB coming out of college. He run a pro style offense in Notre Dame, which should help his transition to NFL. He had a great college carrier with 62,6% completion rating, 8148 yards , 60 TDs and 27 INTs(only 4 in 2009).

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On the negative side is his cocky attitude, which has been pointed out by many teams. His durability is also a concern and some analysts say that he won’t be able to work for a dysfunctional franchise, but with Holmgren as a president Browns franchise will become better in the next couple of years. He floats deep ball sometimes and can have troubles to adjust to NFL game speed. Another question is whether Browns organization is willing to spend another first round pick on Notre Dame QB?

AT the end I want say that I considered to pick CJ Spiller here, because he can be a playmaker in the NFL and a game changer for Browns, but the QB is the most important position and when a guy like Clausen is still on the board, it is difficult to not to pick him.

Next on the clock will be NJEagle with the Oakland Raiders.

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