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BGN 2010 Mock Draft Pick #6 - The Seattle Seahawks

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With the sixth pick in the 2010 BGN Draft, soman319 selects...

Trent Williams - OT, Oklahoma

The Seattle Seahawks have a variety of different needs going into this draft. However, they’ve made a few moves that may have decreased priorities in some positions. One of these moves is the trade for Whitehurst. Though no one knows what the Seahawks are going to get out of this guy (frankly, before the actual trade I had no idea who he was), it makes drafting a QB less a priority as Hasselbeck will be starting next season and they have a potential heir; Pass on Clausen.

Furthermore, while Berry would have been a good pick if he fell (as the Seahawks pass defense ranked 30th last year), a bigger need to fill in my opinion is the offensive line. Walter Jones, the aging 36 year-old LT, is a question mark going into next season. He has been the cornerstone of the offensive line and without him the offensive line is average at best. Regardless if Jones returns or not, the Seahawks need OT help now or in the immediate future. For these reasons, my selection for the Seattle Seahawks is Trent Williams, offensive tackle from Oklahoma.

Trent Williams began his career as a true freshman at Right Tackle after an injury to the starter at that time, Brandon Braxton. He saw more action in his sophomore season sharing time with Braxton in all 14 games. In his junior year, he found himself a starter and part of one of the most dominant offensive lines in the country in the company of Phil Loadholt and Duke Robinson. This line accumulated a total of 11 sacks all year, ranked third in the country, and the offense itself became one of the highest scoring as a result of said dominance. A testament to his work, Williams was awarded All Big-12 First team in 2008. Williams was the lone holdover for the follow year and was switched from the right tackle to left. Despite a decrease in play/production and a disappointing end to the season with injury, Williams led Oklahoma in knockdown blocks and plays and was awarded first team All-American. There is one thing I’d like to point out to explain the drop off, and you may disagree: Bradford went down earlier that season and without the threat of Bradford picking apart the secondary, defenses were able to stack the line more.

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One of the big reasons why I have rated Trent Williams above Bryan Bulaga (from Iowa) was his high ceiling and athleticism. He had an outstanding combine, posting the 2nd fastest 40 for lineman (4.88), the 2nd best vertical jump, 2nd best broad jump and 5th best shuttle time. He has great footwork and is an ideal fit for new O-line coach Alex Gibb’s zone-blocking scheme. His impressive agility and position skills give him an advantage while handling quick defensive ends. However, bull rushers are more difficult for him because; though he has the strength, he needs improvement on his leverage. It is obvious that Williams played better at RT during his college career. However, he showed improvement as the season went on at LT and with work on minor technical issues can be a surefire starter at either position. Tough, athletic, unselfish and gritty, Williams has the potential to be a starter for many years to come. As mentioned before, the Seahawks have many question marks on the team. However, I am a firm believer of building a team from the line up. Trent Williams is my 6th pick.

Next on the clock will be isi_eagle with the Cleveland Browns.

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