The Two most interesting moves to me

Well we made a bunch of moves in this draft, and as expected, the eagles were largely unpredictable.

1) The move --> Trading next year's 6th to move into the top of the 7th to grab Chaney

- This move indicates to me that the Eagles saw a guy sitting there that they thought was better than 7th round value and had to have him. They could have gambled and hoped he fell to the compensatory picks, but they felt he was a steal and no way a person in the 6th round of next year's less talented pool would be better. Maybe they felt they were desperate for one more linebacker before the draft ended, but I believe it was more about liking this particular guy. Do you think they are right? Anyone see this guy play and have some info?

2) The move --> Jumping ahead of the giants and Titans to snag the best Defensive End in the Draft.

- I felt sick and ashamed when the analysts were convinced the move was for Earl Thomas, I didn't like his value there and knew a blue-ship defensive end was just sitting there! Then the news broke it was Graham and I went ballistic. Two third round picks is no king's ransom, and it was the right move to get a kid of this caliber. He was dropping no further than 15, so we moved up to the perfect spot. We had the picks to spare and we got an Amazing player. Finally Abiamiri will have to actually do something to earn his roster spot, he is on the bubble and the competition might help him actually produce for us.

- I think our D-line is now a strength, and its a damned good strength to have.