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With the 200th overall pick the Philadelphia Eagles select LSU RB Charles Scott

With the 31st overall pick in the 6th round the Philadelphia Eagles have selected Charles Scott, RB LSU's quick take on the 5-11, 238 pound Scott.

Scott is a big, powerful back that is more of a raw power back that can move piles than an explosive punishing type of ball carrier. He is a no-nonsense ball carrier that does not dance around in the backfield and is not apt to have many negative plays in the course of a game. He missed the last three games of his senior year with a broken collarbone but it should not affect his draft status. Scott can be a punishing blocker but needs a lot of technique work for the next level. He is an adequate receiver out of the backfield but won’t be much of a factor in the downfield passing game.

You want to hear a great stat about Scott? He never fumbled in college.

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