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Mike Mayock reacts to Eagles 3rd day picks

Unfortunately Mike Mayock lost his voice on day two of the draft and has been sent to IR for the final day. Kinda like Santa Clause breaking a leg on Christmas or something... Either way, instead Mike is posting live reactions to the picks on

After the jump I've compiled his reactions to the Eagles selections so far.

21 — Eagles — LB Keenan Clayton

The Eagles just picked a LB from Oklahoma that I had as a late-round, draftable player, because he’s a tweener between LB and strong safety. I think it’s a little early for him to come off the board. They could have gotten him later. But he brings athleticism and a special teams mentality that will help the Eagles.

122 — Eagles — QB Mike Kafka

Intruiging pick by the Eagles. Kafka, from Northwestern, is the 5th QB off the board. I had him rated as a fourth-round QB and a fast riser over the last three months. He was a one-year starter at Northwestern that actually threw the ball 58 times in a loss to Auburn at the Outback Bowl. He’s 6-3, 225, accurate and I really believe one of the true developmental QBs in the draft that has true potential.

125 — Eagles — TE Clay Harbor

The Eagles just picked Harbor from Missouri State, a small-school prospect who I think has tremendous potential and upside. He’s a former WR. The Eagles will probably use him as an H-back or a move guy to compliment Brent Celek. He has a good hands, will compete in the run game, and is a studen of the game. I really like this pick, don’t I?

134 — Eagles — DE Ricky Sapp

He’s a really good value pick for the Eagles here early in the fifth round. I had him as a third-round pick. Some mocks had him in the first or second rounds. He slid because he tore an ACL late in the 2008 season, and never quite played as well in 2009. He’s really a situational player, because he’ll struggle at the point of attack against the run. For the Eagles, they’ll use him only in pass rush situations to take advantage of his explosion and ability to bend.

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