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With the 105th overall pick the Philadelphia Eagles select CB Trevard Lindley

With the 7th pick in the 4th round the Eagles have finally taken a corner, and it's Tervard Lindley from Kentucky. South Jersey native and Eagles fan Carl Lewis announced the pick(and threw in an EAGLES chant for good measure). From

Lindley was banged up some in his senior season (therefore production is down) but for the most part has been a durable defender for the University of Kentucky over his career. Lindley is a slender built player with great athleticism that was the Wildcats most active coverage defender. Not a physical run support player but is a willing tackler and leverages the ball well. Solid reactor in zone and man schemes to jump patterns and make plays on the ball. Lindley isn’t an elite corner but has the tools to develop into a solid contributor as a corner in sub packages (nickel back) as well as special teams.

Mocking the draft full scouting report after the jump. Their quick take

As a junior, Lindley showed he has talent. He has the most interceptions in Kentucky history and has made plays on a lot of balls during his career.

Trevard Lindley
6'0, 179 pounds | Cornerback | Kentucky

Has fluid, loose hips that he can open up with ease and run with receivers. Has some change of direction issues and loses some ground against quick receivers.

Ball Skills: Average hands, at best. Dropped several interceptions as a junior and sophomore. . Was highly productive during his career in pass breakups. Don't expect a lot of interceptions from Lindley, but he does make a lot of plays on the ball.

Body Control: Needs to get coached up some in this area of the game. Doesn't always time his jumps well and will be burned by good high-point receivers.

Instincts: Recognition skills are solid. Reads the quarterback's eyes well as a play develops. Is only average at getting his head around when the ball is in the air.

Man coverage: Has a frame built for man coverage. Lindley possesses good height and arm length that allows him to make plays on the ball. Does a really good job in staying low in his backpedal. Struggles some jamming receivers at the line and can be pushed around. Can be disruptive in this area breaking up routes.

Pursuit: Against screen passes, Lindley moves up the field really well. Does an excellent job working around blockers.

Speed: Shows good straight-line speed. Has solid recovery speed but he tends to be a little slow closing.

Tackling: A willing player versus the run, but he's not a very good tackler. If he adds more strength, particularly in his upper body, he'll get better here.

Zone coverage: Uses his ability to read a quarterback in zone coverage. Can quickly make a play on the ball, so long as it's coming straight at him. Anticipates routes nicely.

Final word: Much like Sam Bradford of Oklahoma, Lindley is a player who would have been better served coming out a year early. He was given a second-round grade by the NFL Draft Advisory Committee last season, but returned to try and boost his stock.

Instead, Lindley had an off year while he battled a high ankle sprain. He missed four full games and spent the rest of the season less than 100 percent. The injury greatly limited Lindley's mobility, especially off the line of scrimmage.

But as a junior, Lindley showed he has talent. He has the most interceptions in Kentucky history and has made plays on a lot of balls during his career.

As a senior, Lindley was able to add more bulk, getting up to 179 pounds. He'll have to continue to get stronger because he can be pushed around at the line.

CBS scouting report

Read & React: Not afraid to gamble. Anticipates routes and can read the quarterback to get a jump on passes.

Man Coverage: Pure cover corner with the height, reach, straight-line speed and agility to play in a man-to-man scheme in the NFL. Has a low, fast backpedal and a smooth turn. Needs to improve jamming receivers at the line of scrimmage. Quick-footed and balanced and can transition smoothly left or right to mirror routes. Good quickness, but lacks elite straight-line speed. Doesn't possess the late burst to recover. Can be "boxed out" in jump-ball situations due to his lack of bulk and core strength.

Zone Coverage: Good recognition in zone coverage. Disciplined defender who reads the action and breaks on the ball quickly. Reliable open-field tackler, though he isn't an intimidator.

Closing/Recovery: Quick, active hands to disrupt the receiver as he attempts to secure the pass. Flashes the hands to snatch passes out of the air for the interception, but drops some he should catch. Can be a ballhawk, but lacks elusiveness and strength as a runner once he has the ball in his hands.

Run Support: Efficient open-field tackler, but isn't going to intimidate anyone with his hitting ability or his willingness to take on blocks.

Tackling: Thinner and not as strong as scouts would prefer. A bit of a cut-and-swipe tackler who would rather not get involved in run support. Quick hands capable of punching out the ball as he corrals the runner.

Intangibles: Elected to return for his senior season but struggled with a high ankle sprain throughout the year and his stock dropped after receiving a second-round grade from the NFL Advisory Committee in 2009. Could improve his work ethic in the weight room, as his greatest need for improvement -- adding strength -- was an issue throughout his time at UK. Voted 2008 team MVP. Graduated in May of 2009 with a degree in art and was working on a second major in family studies. Involved with several charitable organizations throughout his career and was voted Kentucky's representative for the Lowe's Senior CLASS Award, which recognized players for their contributions both on and off the field.

NFL Comparison: Fred Smoot, Washington Redskins

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