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Philadelphia Eagles trade for 3rd straight time.

After a number of trades down the Eagles have ended up with the 7th pick in the 3rd round(71st overall). They've now traded that pick for the third straight time. They've sent the pick to the Green Bay Packers, who hold the 22nd pick in the 3rd round.

Details are in. Eagles send #71 to the Packers for #86(3rd round) and #122(4th round).

They move back 15 spots and pick up a 4th rounder. They've now turned their #55 overall pick into 5 additional picks.

Here is what the Eagles now have.

 Round 3, Pick 22 (86) (From Packers)
Round 4, Pick 7 (105) (From Browns)
Round 4, Pick 23 (121)
Round 4, Pick 24 (122) (From Packers)
Round 4, Pick 27 (125) (From Cowboys)
Round 5, Pick 3 (134) (From Buccanneers through Browns)
Round 5, Pick 15 (146) (From Broncos through Lions and Browns)
Round 6, Pick 31 (200) (From Colts)
Round 7, Pick 36 (243) (Compensatory selection)
Round 7, Pick 37 (244) (Compensatory selection)

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