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BGN Live from Radio City for 2010 NFL draft

This is the open thread for the first round of the NFL draft. I'll update this thread with any relevant info. Following me on twitter would probably be a good idea. I will generally try to keep this post up top, but there may be other new stories below so keep refreshing and keeping and eye on the rest of the site.

Some quick whispers that I've been hearing around here. It's all but done that Sam Bradford is going #1, I actually listened to a Rams staffer talk about the arrangements they've made to fly him to St Louis. The other hot rumors is that the Redskins may take Eric Berry with their #4 pick. If that's the case, sorry McNabb... better make your appointment with Dr Andrews now.

As for the Eagles, all the rumors are about a trade up. Most common partner is the Dolphins at #12. Word is though that the guy they could target there is DE Jason Pierre-Paul from USF. Other possibility is S Earl Thomas or CB Kyle Wilson.

[Update by JasonB, 04/22/10 7:06 PM EDT ] Latest rumors about Eagles trade up has the Jaguars at #10 as the most likely partner.

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