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BGN 2010 Mock Draft Recap & Results

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Well kids, the time is finally here. The 2010 NFL Draft will be starting with the first round of picks tonight at 7:30. I'd like to thank everyone who put their time and effort into making this year's BGN Mock a great one. As a treat, I have compiled everyone's selections, including their approval rating from the article polls, so that you can follow along while the actual draft is taking place.

By the way, it looks like congratulations are in order for Route36, who managed to get the highest rating of 86% by selecting Golden Tate to Kansas City at #36 overall. Well done, sir. Honorable mentions also go out to EaglesRock (TB #3), IronHank (SD #28), Team Serbia (PHI #37), and RossyJr22 (BUF #41) who all posted ratings of 80% or more.

Once again, thanks to all who participated and enjoy the draft!

Pick Team User Choice Approval Rating
1 St. Louis Rams Imp Ndamukong Suh 44%
2 Detroit Lions yomjoskei Russell Okung 50%
3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers EaglesRock Gerald McCoy 84%
4 Washington Redskins foos05 Sam Bradford 56%
5 Kansas City Chiefs awd777 Eric Berry 69%
6 Seattle Seahawks soman319 Trent Williams 61%
7 Cleveland Browns isi_eagle Jimmy Clausen 16%
8 Oakland Raiders NJEagle Bruce Campbell 58%
9 Buffalo Bills ando1213 Bryan Bulaga 64%
10 Jacksonville Jaguars eaglemaniac814 Derrick Morgan 53%
11 Denver Broncos jaws1385 Rolando McClain 77%
12 Miami Dolphins whodie126 Sergio Kindle 34%
13 San Francisco 49ers T-rade Joe Haden 65%
14 Seattle Seahawks eagleswin C.J. Spiller 71%
15 New York Giants FreeBradshaw Mike Iupati 36%
16 Tennessee Titans antoniak Jason Pierre-Paul 64%
17 San Francisco 49ers chrisbeomsuh Anthony Davis 67%
18 Pittsburgh Steelers DSmith215 Kyle Wilson 66%
19 Atlanta Falcons TheSportsWatcher Brandon Graham 67%
20 Houston Texans BadCo'09 Dan Williams 50%
21 Cincinnati Bengals Bob_Q Dez Bryant 71%
22 New England Patriots The Charles Tim Tebow 15%
23 Green Bay Packers JCC Charles Brown 57%
24 Philadelphia Eagles Joe_D Sean Weatherspoon 53%
25 Baltimore Ravens andyreidswaistline Earl Thomas 67%
26 Arizona Cardinals DeSean10 Terrence Cody 63%
27 Dallas Cowboys Bye, Dawk :( Maurkice Pouncey 71%
28 San Diego Chargers IronHank Ryan Matthews 80%
29 New York Jets Rabbit T Jared Odrick 75%
30 Minnesota Vikings RadioheadbeatlesEagles Patrick Robinson 54%
31 Indianapolis Colts Udalango Devin McCourty 59%
32 New Orleans Saints Maneckn Jerry Hughes 65%
33 St. Louis Rams jack is better than asante Demaryius Thomas 50%
34 Detroit Lions captain nodar Taylor Mays 51%
35 Tampa Bay Buccaneers kingmcnabb5 Kareem Jackson 43%
36 Kansas City Chiefs Route36 Golden Tate 86%
37 Philadelphia Eagles Team Serbia Nate Allen 80%
38 Cleveland Browns Talon Talent Chad Jones 43%
39 Oakland Raiders Luxury_Used_Vehicles_By_Braman Brian Price 76%
40 San Diego Chargers DickMuffin Linval Joseph 53%
41 Buffalo Bills RossyJr22 Colt McCoy 82%
42 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Clyde Simmons Carlos Dunlap 59%

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