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Philadelphia Eagles 2010 Schedule Released

Well boys and girls, the moment you've all been waiting for has finally arrived. At 7:00 this evening, the NFL released its schedule for the 2010 season. Here is what Kevin Kolb and the gang have to look forward to over the next few months:

Week 1: Packers at Eagles - Sunday 9/12 @ 4:15

Week 2: Eagles at Lions - Sunday 9/19 @ 1:00

Week 3: Eagles at Jaguars - Sunday 9/26 @ 4:05

Week 4: Redskins at Eagles - Sunday 10/3 @ 4:15

Week 5: Eagles at 49ers - Sunday 10/10 @ 8:20

Week 6: Falcons at Eagles Sunday 10/17 @ 1:00

Week 7: Eagles at Titans - Sunday 10/24 @ 1:00

Week 8: Bye

Week 9: Colts at Eagles - Sunday 11/7 @ 4:15

Week 10: Eagles at Redskins - Monday 11/15 @ 8:30

Week 11: Giants at Eagles - Sunday 11/21 @ 8:20

Week 12: Eagles at Bears - Sunday 11/28 @ 1:00

Week 13: Texans at Eagles - Thursday 12/2 @ 8:20

Week 14: Eagles at Cowboys - Sunday 12/12 @ 8:20

Week 15: Eagles at Giants - Sunday 12/19 @ 1:00

Week 16: Vikings at Eagles - Sunday 12/26 @ 1:00

Week 17: Cowboys at Eagles - Sunday 1/2 @ 1:00

Looks like a pretty rough schedule, starting off with a bang with Green Bay. The Eagles better have all of their depth chart questions answered by then if they hope to best Aaron Rodgers and the Pack. We get a bit of a reprieve against the Lions and Jaguars, but both are away games and after Oakland last year, it's never safe to assume an easy win. Our first division rival matchup comes against none other than the Redskins, which curiously isn't scheduled for prime time, considering the intriguing Donovan McNabb-returns-to-Philly storyline. We have a late season bye this year and a killer final few weeks, which should prove interesting. Three out of our final four games are against division rivals (the season finale of course, being the Cowboys again) and our week 16 game is against a Brett Favre (?) led Vikings. Good thing we're known to play our strongest football in December. We also have five total games scheduled during prime time. Nice! It should be a wild year, but I'll be looking forward to it along with the rest of you. Which matchup are you looking forward to the most?

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