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BGN 2010 Mock Draft Pick #4 - The Washington Redskins

With the fourth pick in the 2010 BGN Draft, foos05 selects...

Sam Bradford - QB, Oklahoma

At this point, there are only two players that I’d be considering with this pick, Trent Williams and Sam Bradford. Overall, Washington was the 10th ranked defense in 2009 (DVOA). I was a little tempted to look at Berry here and move Landry to strong safety (where I think he could excel) to create probably the best tandem in the NFL, and for a long time. However, Washington has too many offensive holes to go blow this pick on a pipedream. In 2009, the Redskins’ best ranked receiver was Randle El (at 51 overall) who is no longer with the team, Jason Campbell was the 20th ranked QB, their offensive line was ranked 26th, and overall the offense was ranked 21st. This is where the help is needed. In my opinion, their biggest need is at left tackle, and ideally they’d be drafting Okung, but he’s already off the board. If this situation were to present itself (with Bradford actually being available at this point), they’d have a tough choice to make, and it would depend on how they value Jason Campbell. To be honest, I’d say that Trent Williams, who is a fine tackle, would be a bit of a reach with the fourth pick, but that never stopped the Skins in the past, right?

Let me preface this next paragraph by saying that I don’t think Jason Campbell is as bad of a quarterback as he’s portrayed to be. Looking at his NFL experience, he’s been through Joe Gibbs Part Deux (complete with late 80’s playbook) and the Jim Zorn disaster. Between running an offense that’s less creative than a Tecmo Bowl playbook and having a system in place where the offensive play-caller really doesn’t call the plays, but can maybe veto them or suggest other plays mid-stream, what do you expect from the guy? I truly think that if Mike Shanahan, who is an offensive genius and excellent QB coach, worked with Campbell, we’d see an entirely different quarterback. However, if Sam Bradford is there at #4, you better bet that’s who they’re taking. So, that’s what I’m doing as well.

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We all know that Bradford has all of the accolades an NFL QB needs, with his question being the injured shoulder. At this point, it seems that the shoulder has checked out well and all reports were his Pro Day was excellent. Taking Bradford gives the Redskins a QB that is one of the most accurate passers I’ve seen in a long time and someone who I think can mentally handle the rigors of an NFL season. In the past, it wouldn’t surprise me to see the Skins reach to satisfy a need, but their actions this offseason have shown me that they may be operating on a more logical level. Not signing Julius Peppers and restructuring big contracts to help in the long run makes me believe that they’d see the fit and value of taking Bradford here. Best case scenario, Campbell plays this year (hopefully better than last year), Bradford gets his sea legs under him from the sideline and steps in next year when Campbell is unloaded via trade in the offseason.

Just seems like an easy call to me...

Next on the clock will be awd777 with the Kansas City Chiefs.

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