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Report: Eagles close to sending Sheldon Brown & Chris Gocong to Browns

Clark Judge of CBS sports is reporting that the Eagles are on the verge of trading CB Sheldon Brown and LB Chris Gocong to the Cleveland Browns.

The Philadelphia Eagles are close to completing a deal, sources said, that would send disgruntled cornerback Sheldon Brown and linebacker Chris Gocong to Cleveland in exchange for one of two packages -- either a draft pick and player or two draft picks and a backup. The deal, which was expected to have been completed by now, is contingent on Brown gaining a new contract.

Judge says that as this point the only obstacle is a new deal for Sheldon Brown.

Sheldon Brown is among the few guys on this team that was on the roster for the 2004 Super Bowl run and he'd be yet another significant vet shipped out in the past two years. I suppose I'd be more bummed about losing one of my favorite Eagles, but in this past year or so it's become so common for these guys to leave that I suppose we're getting somewhat numb to it.

Either way, if this does happen we can only hope the Eagles have a plan for what they want to do at corner... because by getting rid of Sheldon Brown they're removing one of the best pieces(arguably the best) from an already thin secondary.

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