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Hugh Douglas on Donovan McNabb & Kevin Kolb

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Warren Moon may very well think Donovan McNabb is getting a raw deal from the Eagles... but McNabb's former teammate Hugh Douglas doesn't appear to see it that way. Hugh was on the The Daily Line on Versus(which airs next Monday) to share his views on McNabb & Kevin Kolb...

Rob: Do you think Donovan is incapable of winning the big game? You played in two NFC Championships and a super bowl and he threw up in the huddle in the super bowl.

 Hugh: I think that the last two games he played were telling. When you go into Dallas and lose the way that you did. And you come back with a week of preparations and making adjustments and comeback and play worse. I just think that’s telling. Then you got a guy in Michael Vick who comes off the bench and throws a strike in stride to Jeremy maclin, I just think that was telling. You look at him in that game he looked lost, held the ball a lot, in that game he didn’t let it go. He just didn’t look comfortable and Dallas knew that and they got after him.

Reese: Can you honestly tell me that Kevin Kolb gives them a better chance to win.

Hugh: I’ll tell you what, I don’t know. I think that what Kevin brings to the table cause I had a chance to talk to him a few times is that he’s a very smart guy. I think he knows that he’s not as talented as Donovan but he also knows he has a lot of talent around him. And he knows that in order for him to have success he has to utilize that talent.


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