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Schefter: Eagles get LB Ernie Sims in 3 team trade

Hopefully he gets used to doing this.
Hopefully he gets used to doing this.

Adam Schefter is reporting that the Eagles have acquired LB Ernie Sims in a 3 way trade that sent TE Tony Scheffler from Denver to Detroit and Sims from Detroit to Philadelphia. The Eagles have sent a 5th round pick to Denver.

So from an Eagles perspective, the trade was a Sims for a 5th round pick. Sounds good to me.

Sims is a 25 year old WILL LB who was the 9th overall pick in the 2006 draft. He's 6ft, 225lbs and while he doesn't force a lot of turnovers, he's known to be a tackling machine & a violent hitter. He's amassed 420 tackles in his 4 year career.

Andy Reid and Howie Roseman commented on the trade.

"Ernie Sims is an impact player at the linebacker position," said head coach Andy Reid. "He brings a lot of energy to our already energized defense. We are looking forward to adding him to our team."

"We are excited to acquire Ernie Sims," said general manager Howie Roseman. "He plays fast, he's aggressive and his style is a great fit for our defensive scheme. He is a leader who was a team captain for the Lions and we are eager to see what he can do in our defense."

Browsing some scouting reports on Sims I've noticed a few consensus points. For one, he's a big hitter with good sideline to sideline speed. He's a force in the running game and and has done well in zone coverage, but needs to improve his man to man coverage. Doesn't force many turnovers. Many experts also feel he was miscast the in the Tampa 2 system run by Detroit.

He has picked up nagging injuries at times, but nothing too serious. Many people feel though that his injuries have been the result of the stunning amount of snaps he's played. This 2008 report illustrates that.

However, the Lions defense has been so bad the last two years that they can't get off the field. While most of the other positions rotate, Sims is on the field for almost every play and it's wearing him out. The Lions' 32nd-ranked defense was on the field for 1,087 plays last season - almost two full games more than an above-average defense.

Either way, he was had for a 5th round pick. They gave up very little and got a young guy who has started 50+ games in return. Whether or not you really like Sims, the price is right.

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