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BGN 2010 Mock Draft Pick #33 - The St. Louis Rams

With the 33rd pick in the 2010 BGN Draft, jack is better than asante selects...

Demaryius Thomas - WR, Georgia Tech

The St. Louis Rams are horrible right now! So the smartest thing to do is draft Sam Bradford. However former GM Imp somehow messed this up. So he was given the axe. Signed to replace him was local prodigy JIBTA. JIBTA had to fix Imp's mess, so he got the Redskins on the phone. Knowing they recently landed Donovan McNabb (after they picked Bradford in this draft) and are trying to unload Hanynesworth, he proposed a Suh and a 5th rounder for Bradford deal. Dan Snyder spent most of the call offering JIBTA a job with the Skins front office, but in the end he took the deal .. so now the RAMS HAVE THEIR FRANCHISE QB , the one they will 100 percent draft in real life!

A legit franchise QB is hard to pass up, and although he doesn't compare to Jake Locker of next years draft, Bradford has all the tools to be a franchise QB. So looking at teams previously drafting a "Franchise QB" their second pick is usually one of two things. A Stud tackle to protect their investment, or a weapon for them to throw to. Well looking at the possibilities at OT there isn't anyone who stands out. Bruce Campbell is the best available, but he's more of a work out warrior than a stud tackle. Besides Al Davis offered to buy me a new car if I let Campbell fall to him, so imma take a pass on Campbell.

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With no other true options along the line, we turn our attention to the playmakers. I am in absolute shock that Germaine Gresham is still here. He will absolutely be a first round pick, and the best TE to come along in quite some time. Should i go the lions route and give me New QB a safety blanket TE? well.. Randy McMichel is terrible, and there will be TEs avilble later in the draft that i like such as Gronkowski, Graham, and Pitta. Now looking at the Rams depth chart we have only one legit NFL WR! ONE!!! That's right dare i say the Rams may have the worst WR corps in the NFL. Donnie Avery is a good young WR and prob better off as a good 2, but other than that the cupboard is bare. We have Danny Amendola opposite of him. This guy sucks, he is too small, and at best is a 5th WR slot guy who can return kicks. Another Former Eagle in Brandon Gibson. Gibson is more over rated by Eagles fans than the movie Rudy. He is a 4th or 5th WR in this league. I'm certainly not going to build my team around a bunch of guys the Eagles didn't even want.

So Before I make my pick I'll look at the draft board and see if there's anyone too good to pass up. Well Gresham is a stud, but WR is a bigger need for us. Taylor Mays should be gone by now, but i cant justify taking a safety when, despite Eagles fans wishes, OJ Atogwe is still roaming my secondary. Kareem Jackson would be good value here, but Butler, King, and Bartell are serviceable. The only strengths on my team are middle LB and RB crossing those to positions off, i could go in a lot of ways.

So since my time is running out and i don't want the Lions to pull a Ravens and steal my pick, here it goes:

WITH THE 33rd pick in the 2010 NFL Draft The St. Louis Rams select Demaryius Thomas

The last legit number one WR left in this draft, they were thrilled to get him here. Sam Bradford will have a good young WR core with Avery and Thomas. Measuring in at 6-3¼ and 224 pounds and reportedly runs in the high-4.3’s, Thomas has the skills to be a game breaker in the NFL. You will be hearing Bradford to BEY-BEY for years to come. some concerns about coming out of his triple option college system, but it seemed to work out fine for Megatron so I'm willing to take the chance on Thomas.

Next on the clock will be captain nodar with the Detroit Lions.

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