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BGN 2010 Mock Draft Pick #32 - The New Orleans Saints

With the 32nd pick in the 2010 BGN Draft, football guru and longtime Saints fan Maneckn selects...

Jerry Hughes - DE, TCU

Like all teams picking this late in the round, the Saints have a lot to think about because of the unpredictability in front them. However, one player has fallen this far that I don't think the Saints can pass up, and so with the 32nd pick, New Orleans selects defensive end Jerry Hughes out of TCU.

Obviously, end is a much less glaring need after the Alex Brown signing, but Hughes is a versatile player who has been known to drop back into coverage at TCU and functions well in space for a lineman. Armed with Hughes, look for defensive coordinator Gregg Williams to push his schematic complexity even further than last season, with a confusing, rotating DL, Hughes sometimes dropping back while the rush is bolstered from another direction, and occasional uses of Hughes in a linebacker role, especially when Williams calls a 3-4 play, as he sometimes likes to do.

Next on the clock will be jack is better than asante with the St. Louis Rams. Please submit your pick as soon as possible!

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