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BGN 2010 Mock Draft Pick #30 - The Minnesota Vikings

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With the 30th pick in the 2010 BGN Draft, RadioheadbeatlesEagles selects...

Patrick Robinson - CB, FSU

I tried to talk myself out of this pick because I was determined to pick the best player available and choose a position that the Vikings don't necessarily have a glaring need at. The could use some youth at just about any position, I probably would have taken Odrick to replace Pat Williams, but he just went off the board. Well right now I see Patrick Robinson as being about as good a player as there is left on the board, and anyone better isn't so much better that the vikings should pass. The Vikings really need to come away from this draft with a good young corner, Winfield is getting old and struggled with an injury last year, and Griffen tore his knee at the very end of the season. With how quality the Vikings defense can be, they cannot afford to enter the season with the CB group they have right now. If the draft were to fall this way the Vikings would have their pick of the low first round graded corners: Robinson outta FSU, Kareem Jackson, or Devin McCourtney.

Robinson is sometimes seen drafted below these other two, partially because he doesn't have the same kick return abilities. That won't worry the vikings, Percy Harvin is already entrenched as their returner. The biggest knock on Robinson is that he's inconsistent and sometimes seems to lose focus and effort. The concerns are legitimate, but when he plays to his potential Robinson has shown to have great cover skills and a very aggressive style of play. He has elite athleticism and according to Mayock, the best footwork of this class. Robinson's sometimes overly aggresive style reminds me of Asante Samuel, but he is built more solidly and can tackle better. Apparently the Seminole's defense isn't very good, so Robinson stood out and wasn't thrown to very much in his final year. He was motivated for the Senior Bowl and looked like hands down the best corner all week. If he can remain motivated and focused at the next level, he has the speed, athleticism, and all the other things needed to be a starting corner. Frankly this is one of the top 3 guys I want the Eagles to draft, I hope he drops to 37 or something because I see probowl potential.

Next on the clock will be Udalango with the Indianapolis Colts.

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